Exercise Routines For Sexual Fitness and Hard Erections | sexuality

If you want to increase your libido, and have enough testosterone for sexual activity, exercise is the key. The best way to have a strong healthy appetite for sex, a strong and hard erection and at the same time feeling good about yourself is through exercise. Exercise helps you build stamina for sexual activity and improve your health. Below are some exercise routines that will serve you better and keep you healthy.Lift weights
Lifting weights is one of the best ways to build strength and prevent muscle fatigue during intercourse. Muscle fatigue is not a good experience while you are having sex and could easily derail all your efforts. Include exercises like sit ups or abdominal curls to your routine and be consistent. Other muscle groups that are called upon during intercourse include the buttocks, the shoulders, legs and abdominals. If you are in a gym ask the gym attendants for total fitness exercise machines that concentrate on all these muscles and then get to work.Cardio Exercises
Cardio exercises help increase blood flow and maintain circulation. If you are already a gym member or do some exercise endeavor to run or bike for about 3 miles. This will get you sweating; rejuvenate the hormones, leaving you feeling good about yourself and ready to handle whatever that comes your way. In the long run both weight lifting and cardio exercises help lower calories resulting in you losing some weight. Always keep this equation in mind, as your gut goes down; your erection goes up and last longer.Stretching
After you are done with your work out section, the next thing is to stretch. This could be done through yoga or through free hand stretching. The idea of stretching is a cool down process. It helps get rid of stress and promotes optimal flexibility, allowing maximum use of muscles and joints.Benefitting from exercise requires consistency. Have a set time of the day or night you set aside for exercise and keep to it. Within a few short weeks, you will begin to see the benefits it offers and a change for the better in your sexual stamina.